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Sea Freight

It’s a cost-effective option for moving large volumes of goods internationally, but it typically takes longer than air freight.


Air Freight

Air freight shipping involves the transportation of goods by air, offering faster delivery compared to sea freight. It’s commonly used for time-sensitive or high-value items.


Road Freight

also known as trucking or haulage, involves transporting goods over land using trucks or lorries. It’s a versatile and widely used method for domestic transportation, offering flexibility in terms of routes and delivery locations.


Local Delivery

Local delivery shipping refers to the transportation of goods within a specific geographic area, typically within a city or region. It involves the final leg of the supply chain, bringing


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We pride ourselves as the premier, cutting-edge logistics company, trusted by countless clients for our modern approach and unwavering reliability

At our core, we epitomize the pinnacle of modern logistics, leveraging state-of-the-art technologies and innovative practices to deliver unparalleled service. With a steadfast commitment to excellence and a proven track record, we’ve earned the trust of numerous clients who rely on us as their go-to logistics partner for seamless, efficient, and secure transportation of goods. Our dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving industry landscape ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers, cementing our position as the most trusted name in contemporary logistics.


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"Our experience with ATD Express was exceptional. Their team went above and beyond to ensure our goods were delivered on time and in pristine condition. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and clear communication made the entire logistics process seamless. We trust them implicitly and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future."
Agus Siswanto
Coffee Bean Exporter


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Time Maintenance

Our logistics company excels in time management, ensuring punctuality and reliability at every step of the process. From precise scheduling to meticulous coordination, we prioritize timeliness to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our commitment to on-time delivery and efficient operations sets us apart as a leader in the industry, earning the trust of our customers and solidifying our reputation for excellence in time maintenance.

Security & Trusted

In our logistics company, security and trust are paramount principles upheld with unwavering dedication. We implement robust security measures throughout our operations, safeguarding our clients’ goods and sensitive information at every stage of the supply chain. Our commitment to transparency, integrity, and reliability fosters trust among our clients, who rely on us as their trusted partner for the secure transportation and handling of their valuable assets.


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“Trust is earned, respect is given, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betrayal of any one of those is to lose all three.”               

– Ziad Abdelnour

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